In 2023, Croatian Go Alliance will organize following international events:

  • 30th Croatian Open - EGF Grand Prix Level C, May 20-21, 2023, Stubicke Toplice
  • 5th Summer Go Festival (SEYGO Tour + Open), August 19-26, 2023, Zaostrog
  • Zagreb Advent Go Tournament, Dec xx, 2023, Zagreb

Croatian Go Alliance organized the following international events:

  • 29th Croatian Open, June 4-5, 2022, Stubicke Toplice
  • 28th Croatian Open Championship, 25th Dec 2021 - 15th Jan, 2022, Online Go Server
  • 27th Croatian Open Championship, May 30-31, 2020, Online Go Server
  • 25th European Youth Go Championships, March 11-14, 2020, Stubicke Toplice
  • 26th Croatian Open in Zagreb, May 18-19, 2019, Zagreb
  • 1st SEYGO Tour Summer Go Camp, July 1-8, 2019, Zaostrog

Croatian Go Alliance (CGA) is founded on 1st December 2018 as a federation of five active go-clubs in Croatia: three from Zagreb, one from Velika Gorica and one from Veliki Grdjevac.

Croatian Go Alliance is the member of European Go Federation, International Go Federation and World Pair Go Association. It continues the tradition of Croatian Igo Alliance, which represented Croatian go since 1997.

Official contacts:

  • Damir Medak,
  • Zvonko Bednjanec,