30th Croatian Open - EGF Grand Prix level C

Croatian Go Alliance organized 30th Croatian Open as an EGF Grand Prix bonus C tournament. The tournament was be played in the Congress Centre of Matija Gubec Hotel in Stubicke Toplice, the venue of 25th European Youth Go Championships in March 2020, from May 20-21, 2023. We had 39 players participating. 

Starting list: CroatianOpen_LoP

FINAL STANDINGS: CroatianOpen_2023

Two top games of each round were broadcast on the Online Go Server.

RULES: It was a McMahon tournament with 5 rounds, Japanese rules, komi 6.5, time setting: 60 minutes + Japanese byoyomi 3×30 seconds.


Saturday, May 20
09:00 Registration
10:00 Round 1
14:30 Round 2
17:30 Round 3
Sunday, May 21
09:30 Round 4
13:30 Round 5
16:30 Prize Giving


  • 20 EUR for players registered before May 10th 2023
  • 10 EUR for players aged under 18 or above 65
  • +5 EUR for players registered after May 10th 2023
  • +5 EUR for players who are not members of EGF associations


  • 1st: 250 EUR + trophy
  • 2nd: 200 EUR + trophy
  • 3rd: 150 EUR + trophy
  • 4th: 100 EUR, 5th: 50 EUR
  • best U12: 30 EUR, best U18: 30 EUR best girl: 30 EUR
  • medals for best three U12, U18
  • plaquettes for best three girls

Special prizes:

  • The winner gets a seat in Grand Prix Finals.
  • The first five players get Grand Prix bonus points: 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 point respectively.
  • The first three players from Croatia get a seat in “Challengers Tournament of Six”.

Accommodation: Price for one person per night in a double room: 46,80 EUR (with breakfast, touristic tax, swimming pool and sauna). Halfboard (dinner included): 51,80 EUR. https://www.hotelmatijagubec.com/  

Venue: Stubičke Toplice has a long, rich and diverse history. It is believed that the town was known as early as the time of Roman Empire, due to two Roman coins from the era of emperor Hadrian that were found near the pool in 1963 With its centuries-old tourist tradition, it is a very popular vacation spot located in the continental part of the country, serving as a spa center and health resort. Connected by the state road D307, it is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) north from the country’s capital city Zagreb. The 25th European Youth Go Championships in March 2020 has been organized in the same Congress Center of the hotel Matija Gubec in Stubičke Toplice.